Technical Specifications and Budget

  • Dimensions: 82’ long by 6 -12’ wide (depends on river width); can be manufactured at Port of Chicago – 10th Ward
  • Useable year-round; connects to Public Parks and on-road bike lanes if/where river usage is not possible due to existing businesses, etc.
  • Solar-powered, self-contained and self-sustainable; environmentally friendly and creates wildlife habitats
  • Moveable and adaptable to Chicago’s changing riverfront needs
  • All-in segment cost: $50-100k depending on amenities chosen (see images at right; top is full amenities, bottom is no amenities; variations in budget relate to rain/snow covering, heated pathway, etc.)
  • Budget: $5-10MM/mile. Project cost: depends on length; $50-85MM for 6-9 miles
  • Cost comparisons in Chicago: The 606 cost $95MM for 2.7 miles; equivalent to $35MM/mile; River Walk cost $100MM for 0.51 miles; equivalent to $196MM/mile